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Posted by on in Marketing

If you have been struggling to write a killer marketing flyer that gets awesome results, you’re not alone. There are plenty of small business owners that want to know the secret behind writing an effective marketing piece. It’s not as hard as you think when you break it down and work on one section at a time. A marketing flyer contains an attention getting headline, a persuasive main body and an irresistible call-to-action. Also, before distributing flyers have several people review the flyer, if possible.

Strong Headline

The headline is arguably the most important element of your marketing flyer and needs to accomplish two very important goals: First, it needs to grab the reader’s attention; and, second, persuade the reader to continue reading the flyer. The best headlines include the perceived problems and/or interests of the target audience, and the solution you are offering. For example, “Join Us for Half Price Bowling!” will grab the attention of someone interested in bowling. They will continue reading to find out how they can bowl for half price.

Convincing Body

The next important element is to write a convincing body. This is where you will include the details of your offer. It should also include other details about the advantages and benefits that distinguish your business from those of your competitors. Be sure to provide plenty of clarity and make it easy-to-read by writing brief blocks of text. Dress up your flyer with eye-catching photos and graphics that support the services or products being offered.

Avoid Confusing Your Reader

Be careful to avoid confusing the reader. Keep in mind that just because it makes sense to you, doesn’t mean it will make sense to the reader. When it comes to marketing flyers, less is more. You want to give the reader enough information to make a decision, but not too much that you oversell it. Readers will normally browse the flyer in chunks. Therefore, writing brief and concise paragraphs will yield better results.

Persuasive Call to Action

Many business owners fail to provide a call-to-action in the first place, let alone writing a persuasive one. But, since you are reading this article you will not repeat that mistake. The idea behind a call-to-action is to motivate the reader to take the desired action. For example, “Redeem this flyer for an additional 25% discount within the next 10 days” is very clear, concise and persuasive. Also, did you notice the time limitation? Studies have shown that the reader is more likely to take action when there is a time or product limit.

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Alfred would be turning in his grave if Bruce Wayne would have picked up parts for his utility belt at the local dollar store. Well with the same idea in mind, why would someone choose a lesser grade paper for their flyers or an inferior delivery method. The general public swears by the postal service because they can save a few cents up front.... As Robin would say, "Holy Hogwash !" They pay less upfront and much more at the end when their mediocre mailing service fails to deliver a third of what a professional flyer delivery service will. Professional in the manner of providing Live GPS-Tracked flyer distribution and politely conveying a few alluring comments about your product or service when speaking to residents.

Also the quality of paper which you use for your flyers makes a huge difference. The first thing people notice when they look at your flyers is the quality of the paper. And, they will definitely notice if the flyer looks cheap which could affect its marketing performance. Using a nice glossy paper with a full bleed can help deliver attractive flyers that will gain the attention of the targeted audience.

Regardless of the message you are conveying, a bad print job will waste your investment. The last thing you want to do is spoil your marketing efforts over low quality printing materials. To stand out, you need to look better than the competition. Professional flyer printing and design on superior quality paper with high quality inks that won’t fade away primes your campaign to deliver impressive results.

Generally, heavier paper stocks present more prestigious results. By adding thickness and texture to your choice of paper, you lend esteem and credibility. This meets the goal of delivering the best message in front of the right audience using attractive marketing pieces that embodies a sign of professionalism and elegance.

Remember, cutting corners will mean lower grade service and ending in less return.Do not let the Joker (your competitor) get the last laugh.

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With so much emphasis on internet marketing these days, some business owners are missing out on many of the tried and true methods that they may consider “old school”. While many of your customers can be found online, they eventually come home and that’s why door hanger advertising and delivery is still one of the most effective flyer marketing tools if they are used correctly.

Just like any other form of advertising there needs to be considerable thought given to crafting the message, creating the graphic design and getting it delivered to the front door of the right target audience so that you will achieve the goals of your campaign. Of course, it is important to determine ahead of time what those goals are. For example, a real estate agent may have a goal to obtain two new listings per week. An insurance agent may have a goal to sell ten home insurance policies per month.

Door hanger advertising can also be used to complement other marketing channels and savvy business owners have found it beneficial combining their digital marketing with print media campaigns. For instance, before sending text messages or other forms of mobile marketing, have attractive door hangers delivered directly to targeted customers. This can help in driving more first-time customers to your website or store, especially when you are introducing a new product or want to promote a great offer to your customers. Over the past few years, many businesses have  incorporated QR codes into their door hangers to help improve customer engagement and conversions. These bar codes can contain a short message, website URL or phone number. When a smart phone user scans the QR code, they go directly to your website without having to manually type the web address.

However, a word of caution is in order. The simplicity and ease of use of door hanger distribution can actually deter customers if it becomes a market annoyance due to over saturation. You need to establish the optimum frequency to achieve the desired results without bombarding and offending potential customers. Also, you will want to ensure that door hangers actually reach the door without your brand littering the neighborhoods.

Our clients appreciate the fact that our flyer distribution team is professionally trained, supervised on-site and GPS-monitored. In fact, our clients can log into our website and watch their flyers and door hangers being delivered in real-time. For many local businesses, door hanger advertising is delivering outstanding results.

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Flyer marketing is one of the most effective advertising tools when it is designed to sell. This is an extremely powerful way of attracting new customers to any local business. While this marketing technique can be a huge boon, it can also be a bane because a poorly conceptualized flyer can send out a muddled message attracting only a fraction of the expected response from the target market. To get the most out of your flyer marketing campaigns, here are a few common mistakes you don’t want to make:

Headline is not written to sell

The few words that make up the headline are the most important elements that will shape results. It needs to not only attract attention, but also motivate the reader to take advantage of your offer. For example, “why cook when you can order a piping hot cheesy pizza for dinner tonight;” is a more solution-oriented headline than simply “try one of our delicious pizzas for dinner.” Make sure your headline is written to sell.

Doesn’t provide benefits or offer solutions

When flyers have a long list of features it misses out on the opportunity for readers to understand why they need a particular product or service. Customers are using your products and services because it solves a problem for them. Understanding the problems you are solving and using it to connect with flyer recipients can substantially increase results. There is nothing wrong with listing features, but make sure you explain three or four key benefits that your establishment offers its target audience. It should support your main headline.

Poor quality images

Using low quality images will appear distorted and pixilated. Even worse, it could have the undesirable effect of turning away potential customers. Instead, use HD or high quality graphics and images that reinforce the benefits you are offering. Keep in mind that in most cases pictures is the first thing that will grab the reader’s attention before they read the supporting content. Even better -- hire a professional to design a flyer.

Missing contact information

Don’t forget to prominently display the contact information when designing your flyer so that the interested individuals can patronize your business. While this may seem like a no-brainer, it is quite surprising that this happens to be one of the most common flyer marketing mistakes because many people either forget to include it or make it difficult for prospects to spot quickly.

When designing flyers it is important to think outside the box to stand out from the crowd and target customers who will want to do business with your company instead of the competition. Think of flyer marketing as a virtual salesperson, except that you control the conversation via the content. Click here to check out a sample of high performing flyer designs.

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Posted by on in Marketing

While there are many marketing channels available for small businesses to advertise their products, they don’t all perform the same and some are better than others. The best marketing strategies are those that deliver the highest return on your investment.

Door-to-Door-Flyer Distribution

Door-to-door flyer distribution tops the list because it offers a very high ROI with more immediate results. Print collateral such as brochures and product flyers promoting a local business can be delivered directly to the front doors of potential customers. However, for best results flyers should be professionally designed and printed. The goal is to convey your message in a way that captivates the reader’s attention and ultimately converts them into customers. Using flyers is a great way to announce a grand opening, a new menu item and special offers.

Social Media

Social media is a great platform for sharing pertinent information about your business, but the majority of readers may not be local; thus, unable to patronize your business. To help grow a local following, include your Facebook and Twitter web address in your advertising and printed materials, including flyers. It’s easy to get carried away so be sure to limit content to those that will enhance customer value and establish your small business as an authority in the market.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the most expensive marketing strategies due to its low return on investment. The problem with direct mail is that there is a high likelihood that the marketing piece will not be opened. Some marketers deliver their message using over-sized postcards which does improve results in some cases, but it also can get mixed up with other pieces of mail. Also, there is a certain percentage of direct mail that will be returned undeliverable.

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When done well, flyer marketing can be a very effective direct marketing tool for small businesses. Retailers, professionals and other local service related businesses are using flyers to attract new and repeat business. It remains one of the most preferred and cost-effective marketing tools for small and medium sized businesses.

The main reason why distributing flyers is so effective is they get local businesses to connect with their local community. Your flyer marketing effort should be geared towards your specific target population in a defined geographic area that illustrates your ability to best meet their needs. This may be in the form of services you provide or products you sell in a store.

To provoke the right type of action, your flyer must have a compelling headline to capture the attention of the audience. This motivates the recipient to continue reading. Also to be included is a brief and easy to understand message which presents a list of the types of services or products that you offer. Let the customer understand about your unique selling proposition and include an exciting promotional offer. Use powerful and engaging phrases that will prompt the readers to act. This will yield better results. It’s at this point that the flyer becomes a very effective advertising tool.

The best way to get your flyers out in the community is to use a professional flyer distribution service. This allows you to define the specific neighborhoods that will be most receptive. But, more importantly, it allows you to be sure that your message gets delivered. They will deliver flyers directly to the front doors. There is also GPS Tracked Flyer Distribution that enables you to log in online and see your flyers being delivered. You can start seeing results from your flyer marketing almost instantly.

You can design and print your flyers in house or hire design experts to work on them. There are flyer distribution experts who offer flyer design and print packages with their service, therefore providing a way of saving costs. They use professional design software and print on high quality paper. So, if you need more business today flyer marketing can deliver results.

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As a business owner, you need to constantly market your products and services in order to attract new customers and expand your business. Since most businesses have very limited budgets and resources for advertising, it’s important to stick with methods that have been proven to get results.

One such method that has been very effective for many local businesses is marketing flyers. In fact, the owner of a local Retro Fitness location mentioned that his results from flyer distribution were better than advertising and direct mail. Flyers work well because they are delivered to the front door and don’t get lost in the mailbox.

Here are five tips that will help you get the best out of flyer marketing:

Tip #1: Keep the content simple and organized

While this may seem to be a no-brainer, it is quite surprising that many don’t follow this basic rule when preparing flyers! A flyer is not the place to haphazardly ramble about your company or its products/services. Use precise content that includes essential information that will encourage the recipient to patronize your business. You can kick it up a notch with bullet points, graphics and shaded boxes to draw attention to special offers and benefits.

Tip #2: Keep the design simple

Another golden rule of flyer marketing is to keep the design simple and precise, just like the content. Using too many fonts, clip arts or pictures and colors in your flyer detract from the message you are trying to create. Professional graphic designers can create an attractive and colorful flyer design that will help you achieve the desired results.

Tip #3: Steer clear of poor quality copies!

Don’t try to cut corners using poor quality flyers for distribution. While it may be cheaper, it can give your business an unprofessional image. For best results, flyers should be printed using professional flyer printers to ensure every flyer looks professional and crisp. The added cost will be offset with better results!

Tip #4: Slipping in a coupon code or promotional offer

A great way to motivate consumers to try out your business is by promoting an attractive offer or discount. Time sensitive offers that are valuable to the recipient work best and can not only skyrocket your success, but result in repeat business as well.

Tip #5: Contact Information

Don’t make the recipient hunt for your contact information. Make sure your store location, web address, social media profiles and phone number are clearly visible on the flyer.

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Posted by on in Marketing

Ask and thou shall receive. There is a lot of truth in that saying when it comes to sales. However, numerous studies indicate that most people in sales simply are not asking for the business. While this may sound disappointing to many business owners, it also represents an opportunity to grow your business by incorporating some simple changes that will help your sales team be more effective in communicating with customers.


One of the top reasons why most sales persons don’t ask for the business is for fear of rejection. However, if you are not asking for the business then you don’t have an opportunity to find out why if the answer is no. Nor are you giving the customer a chance to say yes. Whether you have a retail store or provide a service if you’re not asking the right questions you may not get the sale.


So, what are the right questions? The best questions to ask a prospective customer are those that get you closer to the sale. For example, this product comes in a variety of colors, which color do you prefer? Another example, will you be taking this with you or shall I have it delivered? If you memorize five to ten closing questions you will be amazed how quickly your sales will grow. You may sound a little robotic at first, but it will become natural over time.


This concept applies to all marketing materials as well. When you are printing flyers or are involved with other types of marketing activities it is important to have a call to action like call today to schedule an appointment or redeem this dinner coupon tonight. You get the point.


Growing your business may be as easy as asking for the business. After all, there is a reason why the customer is willing to speak with you or came into your store. When you help them find what they are looking for you will be rewarded with their business.



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A recent survey by the National Federation of Independent Business indicates that small business owners are expecting an increase in sales over the next few months resulting in an increase in their capital spending and inventory purchases.

If you’re establishment is not achieving revenue expectations, you may want to review the following three key factors for creating a successful sales strategy.

Identify your target market

Your target markets are those who have a need for your product or service and are most likely to make a purchase. They may be consumers, businesses or both. Depending on what you sell, your target market may include single family homeowners, retirees, young professionals, etc. Also, most businesses will have more than one target so you may want to concentrate on the top five. If you need assistance a local marketing firm can help you zero in on your target markets.

Develop a system for reaching your target market

Once your target markets are identified, its time to consider reliable marketing channels that will reach prospective customers. Consistency and repetition is important. Some channels worth considering include flyer distribution, online advertising, social media marketing and cold calling, to name a few.

Monitor results

The only way you will know if your sales strategy is working is to monitor the results. It is important to verify whether or not your marketing campaigns are effectively increasing revenue among your target markets. This will enable you to refine your strategy as needed and scale up to further increase sales.

Remember that a sales strategy alone is not enough to make things happen. It needs to be implemented so you can stay in front of potential customers and make sure they are happy with your product or service. You know you are on the right track when they start recommending your establishment to others.


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It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, without customers there is no business. As a business owner you understand that, but does each and every employee understand that? More importantly, do they really care?

Even during difficult economic times there are a number of small businesses that are highly successful, while others, even though they offer superior products or perform better in many other aspects, aren't. Why is that? Well, it seems that the answer to that question lies in the fact that some businesses pay more attention to quality customer service.

Respond to each customer's needs

Customer service can make or break a business and because of that, some companies have a policy of listening to what customers are saying and respond to that matter, even though the customer is telling the company that it's the worst they’ve dealt with. By making sure that every employee is showing customers that they are very important to the company and that the former really cares about them, the chances of creating a lot of loyal customers will greatly increase.

Monitor social media reputation

Social media is for sure one of the most important mediums through which a company can stay in touch with its customers. Customers will post not only what they love about a company, but also tips on how to improve in certain aspects. Considering all of these in a professional manner, small businesses can easily make the required changes that will help them improve their customer service.

Survey customers

Finding out how customers feel about your business will allow business owners to uncover any potential customer service issues before it damages its reputation and income. There are several ways to accomplish this such as having comment cards in the store or periodically sending an email soliciting their feedback, for example. In addition, you can also use a flyer distribution company to distribute flyers that contain a survey to all addresses in a specific location along with a special offer that will provide your business with some valuable information and perhaps new customers from area residents as well.

Whether you greet customers in a store, over the phone or online, catering to customer needs is vital for keeping the customers you have and continuing to grow in the future.


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Do you want to build a closer relationship with your customers? Then you may want to consider creating a LinkedIn Group. There are currently 238 million members on LinkedIn making it one of the largest social media networks in the world. Recently, they made some changes to its groups feature that makes it easier and simpler to use.

According to LinkedIn, members use LinkedIn Groups to create communities on a variety of topics where they can communicate directly with other LinkedIn members. In fact, LinkedIn released an infographic illustrating that members join seven groups on average. Many of your current and potential customers may already be members of the LinkedIn network.

If you’re already a LinkedIn member then you can use the Create a Group link on your home page to start your own discussion group. To locate the link, navigate to Interests and select Groups from the drop down menu and complete the form. You will become the manager of the groups you create and you can assign other members to become managers of your groups as well. The final step is to decide whether you want group discussions visible to search engines and social media in an open group or visible to members only.

Joining a LinkedIn Group is just as easy. Companies that have already created groups will appear under the Discussions tab. When you find a group that piques your interest simply click on the Join button to request to become a member of that group. You will become a member once the Group Manager approves the request. Then, simply join in the discussion or start a new conversation.

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Throughout history, it has been small businesses that have been the driving force behind the American economy that brought innovation, competition and employment opportunities to local communities.  In fact, many big businesses today started as a small business, in many cases, decades into the past.  Many of the lessons learned from big business can be applied to small business.

Don’t get distracted by the size of the business

Believe it or not, the size of your organization is not important. What is important is remaining a laser focus on understanding client needs and the local market conditions for which you operate in, or desire to expand into.  Perhaps, most important of all, is to make sure you have the right people in the right positions.

Focus on your strengths

Small businesses have significant competitive advantages. They often have a better understanding of their customers and are able to leverage this in delivering products and services in a way that demonstrates the importance of their business relationship. Always remember, without customers there is no business.

Share responsibility

It’s easy for small business owners to become distracted in running their business when they are performing jobs that other employees should be doing which will ultimately slow down long term growth of the business. That's why its important to have employees that you trust, share your vision and will take care of customers.

Finally, if you take care of your customers they will take care of you. The same can be said for your employees too.  Don’t put off resolving critical issues and always work with your staff. Shape the behavior of your team by leading by example. Success has no limits.

Looking for customer-driven strategies to grow your small business?  Speak with a flyer design and printing services consultant today.

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In a survey recently conducted by CNNMoney-Manta, most small business owners that responded agreed that the economy has improved, but customers are not spending more money with them and the economy remains their biggest concern.  There is little doubt that we are in a new business climate that is probably here to stay.  Therefore, in order for businesses to survive and thrive in this new economy they need to adapt and change.  While this article focuses on a retail store environment, many of the fundamentals here can be adapted to any business.

Small business owners need to look at their store from the customer perspective.  This inside-out approach is more difficult to do than you may think.  That’s because many small business owners will tell you that there is nothing wrong with their store except for a lack of sales. Case in point:  You walk into an empty restaurant and ask the chef if the food is good here.  He says it’s the best in town.  Meanwhile the town is everywhere but there.  You try the food and realize that the chef oversold and under-delivered, but won’t admit it. The point here is that you have to be brutally honest with your business, products and services so that you can solve the problem.

However, you need to get people through the door first before they can spend more money in your store.  Here are a few things that you can do to achieve that goal without breaking the bank:

1.    People like to shop in clean stores.  It’s amazing what a little elbow grease and a fresh coat of paint will do for a store.
2.    Lighting – Use lighting to your advantage.  Is your store’s lighting dull and uninviting or bright and cheery?  Which do you think your shopper’s will prefer?
3.    Flat screen TV – Installing one or more flat screen televisions around your store will give it a modern and appealing look.  Use them for in-store promotions, sales and entertainment.
4.    Music sells – Like lighting; music is also a mood adjuster.  If your store is noisy customers will be easily distracted from making a buying decision.  You can use music to enhance the customer experience and create a buying atmosphere.
5.    Advertise – Remind the community of what your store offers them. You can have flyers printed and distributed around town and show people what you have to offer.
6.    Selection – Work extra hard to find those products and services that your customers want at prices they are willing to spend and they will buy them.

Getting customers to spend more in your store isn’t always about having a sale.  It has more to do with creating the type of environment that caters to their needs.  If you sell high-end merchandise, but your store resembles a flea market, it will be difficult to convince customers to spend more.  Now, roll-up your sleeves and serve your customers well.

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When business owners think about marketing their business the first thought that usually comes to mind is the cost. However, if you give it some thought and get a little creative, you will find that there are plenty of ways to market a business on small budget.

Door-to-Door Marketing

There are professional companies that you can hire for handing out flyers in your local community. A great feature of flyer distribution is that you are in complete control over the costs. You can start small and grow as your budget allows.

Sandwich Board Sidewalk Signs

Placing a sandwich board sign on the sidewalk in front of your store is great for drawing attention. Many stores use them to announce specials and events. They are not very expensive and you can use them over and over again. Just be sure to check with your locality to make sure they are allowed in your community.

Internet and Social Media

Promote your store online and in the social media. This means including your website on store receipts and marketing material. You can use social media to engage with your customers and announce important events pertaining to your store, products and services. The exciting part about social media from a business perspective is that when one or more of your followers shares your content with their followers, that message can quickly get in front of thousands of potential customers.

Email List

Asking customers to sign up for your email list is a great idea for marketing on a small budget. In a relatively short period of time you can have anywhere from several hundred to several thousand subscribers that you can keep in touch with regularly by sending out newsletters, specials and offers that will be of interest to them. Since they are already familiar with your business this list will be worth its weight in gold for the high likelihood of repeat business that it could generate.

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So you have decided that you want to encourage everyone in the local community to support your business, but are unsure if you should use door hangers or flyers to get the word out and are wondering which method is best. The short answer is that it’s not a case of whether one is better than the other as they each have their own distinctive advantages. It really depends on what you are trying to achieve with your flyer distribution campaign.

Door Hangers

Many businesses like to use door hangers because they can be easily designed to stand out and attract attention. Also, their design enables them to fit snugly on the door handle with the message in plain view making them difficult to ignore. Since door hangers are considerably smaller than flyers, it forces business owners to come up with a more refined and distinctive message that will encourage the recipient to respond to the offer.

Professional Flyers

Flyers, on the other hand, are less expensive than door hangers and give business owners plenty of room to use their creativity. However, having more real estate to promote your business can be a problem if your flyer design has so much information that it dilutes the value of your offer.

Whether you use door hangers or flyers, it is best to consult with a professional designer that can help make sure that they will have the necessary impact to meet the objectives of your door-to-door marketing investment. This is often money well spent as it can greatly improve your return on investment and grow your business with a positive impression in the local community.

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Marketing ROI Marketing plays a major role in the success of any business, regardless of size. However, what matters most is not just the amount of money you spend on those ads, but the profit you earn in return. The ROI, or return on investment, is all about measuring results in order to determine the value that marketing has on your business.

Here are four important tips that can help improve your marketing ROI:

Consistency pays off. Have a budget for marketing and use it on a regular basis.  Keep in mind that marketing is an investment, not an expense. Some customers will act right away while others may make a purchase after seeing your ad several times over a period of time. 

Results speak for themselves. Be mindful that not all forms of marketing will yield the same results.  Generally speaking, email and direct mail have a lower response rate than targeted print media like flyer distribution. Targeting your ad and having it delivered directly to potential customers can dramatically improve your ROI.

Your image matters. Have professionals review your ad to make recommendations for improvement. Make sure your ad looks attractive and clearly states the benefits that customers will receive by responding to your marketing. 

Grab their attention. Your ad should be designed to get the customer’s attention. Most people will skim through the ad to determine if it appeals to them without reading it entirely.  An ad with headlines, sub headings and relevant graphics will outperform plain ads.

The purpose of marketing is to grow your business.  It’s a process that takes time, but when done correctly will provide you with a steady stream of business. Whether you are marketing online or offline, incorporating these tips into your marketing strategy can help improve your return on investment in the long run. 

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attracting generation y businessCustomers are attracted to businesses that are consistent in delivering quality service with ease. Through flyer distribution, a business can target their products to prospective customers with the right mix of content and design that will encourage them to buy a product or service. 

To find your most profitable customers you can take a queue from larger national brands that are working hard to appeal to the lucrative Generation Y market to spur growth. Your ability to find the right technique and balance to reach out to such a pool of customers, to some extent, will determine the level of success your product will have in this market. This is the most connected generation in history and their shopping habits are different than other demographic groups.  The GenY segment of the market is most likely to make their decision based on recommendations and experience of others and buy products that are appealing.  They are also most likely to support businesses and brands that are environmentally friendly.

How important is the GenY market to your business?  Born between 1988 and 1999, often referred to as the millennial generation, they are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population.  These young consumers grew up with technology and have been shaped by economic, political and societal events. Over the course of the next five to ten years, millions more in this generation will become adults and enter the workforce.

Gen Y likes to interact with businesses socially. Since this is the most connected market group, it’s important for businesses to incorporate social media into their advertising and marketing campaigns.  Through socialization and mobilization, it is easier than ever for businesses to interact with existing and potential customers.

One of the best ways to market your business to this lucrative and growing audience of potential customers is to start right in your local community. It is best to have a professional design, print and distribute marketing flyers to ensure that your message appeals to and reaches its target audience. 

photo credit: SalFalko via photopin cc
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While the economic outlook was bleak for many years over the last decade, things are starting to take a turn for the better. In a recent poll conducted by OI Partners-Action Management, a business consulting firm, it was revealed that nearly 60% of companies that were polled plan on adding staff to their workforce, a sign that the economy for business is looking good. Less than 10% stated that they were still going through cutbacks; a very tiny figure compared to the peak of the financial crisis.

One of the growing issues, though, with the current economy from business owners’ perspectives is that they simply aren’t ready for the economy to get better. Most people are under the assumption that the rapid growth in new-hires are only for  unskilled, and low-wage positions. The truth is there is job growth spread relatively evenly across the entire business market.

What does this mean for business owners? In the same study mentioned earlier, 33% of employees planned on looking for a new job over the next 12 months. Because of the aforementioned growth in the economy for business, there are a lot of new positions becoming available which means all of the employees that have been wanting out of their current position have a chance to do so.

Instead of simply browsing crowded job boards to fill open positions, business owners and hiring managers can use a professional flyer distribution company to hand out flyers in their local and nearby communities to recruit new employees.  This gives companies an opportunity to showcase their business to prospective employees without the competition of mass job recruitment sites.

As a business owner if you are not prepared for the improving economy you could find that a mass exodus of employees will occur in the near future. Many companies are beginning to see that the turnover rate for employees increase so they are taking steps to retain more of their employees.

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With marketing strategies completely focusing on online traffic for lead generation, it’s easy to forget about the “traditional” marketing strategies that have withstood the test of time—especially when they are as basic as handing out promotional flyers. It doesn’t take search engine optimization to get the word out about your product, service, or business if you understand how promotional flyers work and leverage the strategy properly.

Understand a flyer’s unique difference compared to other media.

When it comes to getting people to focus on your business or service with flyers what separates it from a web banner ad that you might find online is that it’s a physical product. You can pick up a flyer, touch it, tack it on the refrigerator or put it in your pocket. With a web banner ad, you see it for 2 seconds and you move on to another next website.

Make sure it looks the right way.

It’s important to realize, though, that there are right and wrong ways to use promotional flyers in your marketing campaigns. If you simply open up a blank document on your laptop, slap your business name on it you probably won’t find any success in your flyer campaigns. By having flyers professionally designed and printed, though, you can create something that is extremely visually appealing that will stand out in your potential prospect’s mind.

Make sure you know how to get the flyers out.

A lot of people failed in the past (and even more so today) with promotional flyers because they simply didn’t know how to effectively get them to their prospects. A flyer isn’t just something you simply post on a local bulletin board. The best way maximize your campaign is to have a professional flyer distribution company hand out flyers to reach your target market. Think it doesn’t work? Linkin Park, one of the most popular rock bands in history would disagree. Even in 2013, when they have a budget to do any type of marketing they want, used flyer distribution to get the word out about new tours and events.

Promotional flyer campaigns are becoming untapped territory again.

There’s something about being able to hand someone a professional flyer and say “check out our service or product” that sticks in people’s minds. Flyers give you the ability to generate word of mouth advertising and are a physical item for users to remember you by at the same time. With everyone shifting their advertising online, it’s even easier to stand out if you have a promotional flyer campaign, too—less competition means more people are focusing on you.

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handing out flyers for readingWhether you like it or not, people will make a judgment about your business based on your flyer presentation. If you have a sloppy looking flyer that is poorly written you’re probably not going to get a whole lot of people to trust your ability to deliver.

Image counts. It’s not very expensive at all to use a professional for high quality flyer printing and design. You are more likely to get the responses that you are expecting if you have a clean design with a clear message. Otherwise, it is more likely to end up in the recycle bin.

What’s in it for them? This is an important question that is often overlooked. Instead of just quickly throwing something together because you’re in a hurry to get your flyers out the door, give some thought about your prospective customers. Your flyer needs to answer the basic question which is why they should respond to your offer. Therefore, you’re message needs to be compelling enough for them to respond.

Engage with multiple contact points. Your flyer distribution campaign will yield more results if you have multiple channels for customers to connect. Some people prefer making a phone call, others prefer sending an email. Providing several methods for people to get in touch with your business gives them the ability to respond in a manner that is most convenient for them.

Understand your target audience. Understanding the demographics of your audience will also help improve your campaign results. Each group responds differently to offers. Things like age, income level, marital status and education will affect responses. There is no one size fits all. Target your message to more closely match the demographics in your distribution area. This means you may need different sets of flyers each with a slightly different message or offer for each community you distribute to.

Monitor the flyer distribution. Make sure you hire a professional flyer distribution company that has a solid reputation for handing out flyers. Using a company that employs a GPS system to monitor distribution gives you the ability to watch them handing out flyers in real-time.

Before quickly throwing something together and hoping for the best, make the investment to get the results you want from your next flyer distribution campaign.

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